More Roofing Tips

We shared with you some roofing tips in another article. Do you want more? If you do, here are some more roofing tips that will make your task easier.

Prevent ice buildup

In the wintertime, ice will build up under the gutters, roof membrane and shingles. The ice builds back up when it reaches the wall line where your house is heated. Then, it creates an interior drip. To help prevent this problem, you need to have proper ventilation, rain and ice shields as well as installing a drip edge.

Fix roof boots

Roofing, flashing, ice damping and skylights are all obvious places for potential leaks. One thing that people often miss is the rubber boots. It’s where the roof fence comes up that you find roof boots. If your roof boots dry up, they will cause major leaks. Don’t worry. It’s easy to fix. Simply purchase a new roof boot in a local hardware store. Also, you may need to remove some of your shingles, lay a better tar under it and put in back in place.

Inspect materials

Sometimes, shingles are faulty. They will begin to crack after they have been nailed down. Faulty installation with nails and shingles may also play a big part in leaks. For instance, nails can be nailed too low and will start pushing back. So, make sure to always check the merchandise before you are getting on the roof.

Check valleys

A valley is where the intersection of two roofs meets. Also known as the ridge, valleys are very common places for leaks since these are where the water from the entire roof goes to and will start sloshing back and forth. Make sure to check your valleys.

Eliminate leaks

Don’t be discouraged when a leak can’t be found. It’s a process of elimination. You already have covered one area, installed the shingles back and sealed it watertight. At the least, one spot is eliminated. Now, you can try other areas.